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Miami Scuba Diving Trips & Tours

Relax and dive into the spectacular undersea world of Southeast Florida. Discover crystal clear, warm waters, fish of every color of the rainbow, and a plethora of wrecks and reefs to choose from. We offer dive trips departing from Fort Lauderdale, Key Largo, Miami, and Pompano Beach. We visit more than 50 different dive sites that include 38 wrecks and 15 reefs. You have the opportunity to do deep dives, drift dives, wreck dives, and reef dives.

Highlights include large, deep wrecks, shallow wrecks, historic wreck sites, and a natural reef system that extends into the Florida Keys. Many of the wrecks are in protected zones, which means more fish for you to see! The natural reefs run parallel to the coast and range from 20’ to 90’ in depth. Underwater highlights include arrow crabs, cleaner shrimps, lobsters, squid, octopus, grunts, parrot fish, snappers, trunk fish, box fish, trumpet fish, damsels, trigger fish, moray eels, groupers, stingrays, and turtles. You might even be able to see dolphins on the surface! Scroll down past our dive trip offerings for additional information & details!