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underwater view of a coral

This ship is 131′ long with a 32′ beam. The bow is pointing North and the hull is upright. The Tracey is connected with a chain of four wrecks The Moonshot & Pride and The Jay Scutti, to the South and The Merci Jesus to the North. You can easily cover 2 wrecks, possibly 3 with no current while using nitrox on one dive. This trek is a great dive for spotting large marine life such as Southern Stingrays, Goliath Groupers and Nurse Sharks.

The Tracey was seized by U.S. Customs for drug trafficking and towed to the Miami River where it sat derelict. Eventually the wreck sailed to Ft. Lauderdale to become an artificial reef. The ship was then sunk on March 2nd, 1999 in 72 ft of water to her final resting place becoming one of Ft. Lauderdale’s, and Squalo’s favorite dive sites.


Type: Wreck
Min. Depth: 45 ft. / 14m
Max. Depth: 72 ft. / 22m
Skill Level: Open Water Diver
Location: (See Map Below)