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The US Coast Guard ‘Duane’ was a Treasury-class cutter with a length of 327 feet. It has been submerged since 1987. The Duane is generally considered one of the advanced Florida Keys diving sites, its maximum depth is around 120 feet.
The Duane was well prepared to be an artificial reef with doors and big openings cut out. This makes it easy to navigate and provides of great swim throughs for divers with proper certification. Since this wreck is sitting upright, the view descending onto and ascending off of the wreck is quite memorable. The vessel is a photographer’s dream and fun to explore. There is plenty to see at different depths, there’s plenty of coral growth and an abundance of marine life in and around the wreck. You can spot Barracudas, turtles, eels, all kind of reef fish and sometimes you can spot sharks.


  • Type: Wreck
  • Min. Depth: 70ft. / 21m
  • Max. Depth: 120 ft. / 36m
  • Skill Level: Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Location: (See Map Below)