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The C-One is a 105′ US Navy steel tug boat was placed at its present site in November, 1990. The vessel is intact with limited penetration and sits in approx. 70′ of water. The wreck lists 45 degrees, giving a spooky dive experience. The C-One sits near The Conception and just 60 feet to the east lays the Russian trawler known as The White Ghost. Ocean currents have created a hole mid-ship which drops to 82 feet. Hundreds of fish, including many barracuda, can be found in and around C-One. With the portholes and hatches removed, divers can enter the wreck to explore.


  • Type: Reef
  • Min. Depth: 50 ft. / 16m
  • Max. Depth: 70ft. / 21m
  • Skill Level: Open Water Diver
  • Location: (See map below)