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a close up of a sign

The Captain Dan is a 175′ long Coast Guard Tender. The bow points south and the ship is standing at attention upright at 110′. The top of the wheelhouse is around 80′. The Dan is covered with fish. You never know what you will see here, there has been 2 whale shark sightings here, a day and a year apart. Large barracuda, grouper, amberjack, and other schools of fish frequent this wreck.

Originally commissioned the Hollyhock, a US Coast Guard Tender, the Captain Dan was sunk in February 1990 as part of the Rodeo Reef. After being decommissioned by the Coast Guard, the Hollyhock was purchased by a missionary. Mechanical problems stranded the vessel and she was towed to the Miami River where she was sold to the Florida Boating Improvement Program to become an artificial reef. The Hollyhock was renamed Captain Dan in memory of Dan Garnsey, a charter fishing pioneer, and sunk on February 20, 1990.


  • Type: Wreck
  • Min. Depth: 80 ft. / 26m
  • Max. Depth: 110 ft. / 33m
  • Skill Level: Advanced Open Water Diver and Deep Diver Specialists
  • Location: (See Map Below)