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underwater view of a coral

The RSB-1 is a 160′ long tender. The bow is pointing to north and the ship is upright. This is another ship with tall structure on the wheel house, creating a great fish haven. Usually you will see schools of fish around the mast, Penetrating the ships hold is very easy thru large openings.

History: The RSB-1 was built in 1966 and was used as an oil company tender. In 1971 it was purchased by the Navy. She eventually wound up with the Pompano Fishing Rodeo and Broward County Artificial Reef Program. The RSB-1 was renamed the JIm Torgerson, after the lead explosive expert with the Broward County Sherriff’s. The Jim Togerson was deployed April 23, 1994.


  • Type: Wreck
  • Min. Depth: 80 ft. / 24m
  • Max. Depth: 115 ft. / 35m
  • Skill Level: Advanced Open Water
  • Location: Ft Lauderdale