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Tenneco Towers is an artificial reef created by five oil platforms. Three of the rigs are reachable within recreational diving limits, top decks are 60, 80 and 100 feet depth. The other two rigs are located in waters of 200 feet deep, mainly for technical diving and fishery purposes.

Tenneco Towers’ marine and coral life is spectacular, you can see many types of sponges, hard and soft corals. You can also spot many reef fish as angel fish, hog fish, turtles as well as pelagic fish as barracudas, tunas, sharks. This is a great spot for advanced open water divers, deep diver specialists and PADI Tec 40 divers.


  • Type: Artificial reef
  • Min. Depth: 60 ft. / 18m
  • Max. Depth: 130 ft. / 40m
  • Skill Level: Advanced Open Water Diver and Deep Diver Specialist
  • Location: (See Map Below)