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These left over sewer pipes were disposed of just offshore south of Government Cut where they have sort of “stacked up” on top of each other in about 40 feet of water. The growth on the structures is incredible as the open pipes allow uninhibited flow of water and thus nutrients. Oysters, clams, sponges and the associated invertebrates are abundant and growing not only on the outside, but all along the inside of the pipes.

Fish congregate on the adjacent reef and moray eels and lobster are a common occurrence here. The inside of the pipes are literally full of gorgonians attached to the sides, making it difficult, but not impossible to swim through. Yes, the pipes are large enough for a diver to comfortably navigate.


  • Type: Artificial Reef
  • Min. Depth: 40 ft. / 12m
  • Max. Depth: 40 ft. / 12m
  • Skill Level: Open Water Diver