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SDI Visual Inspection Procedures Course

Quick Details

Starting From:
Participants Must be at least 18 years old

Promoting Cylinder Safety

This Cylinder Visual Inspection Procedures (VIP) Course is designed to promote safety in the care and maintenance of high-pressure scuba cylinders. The VIP program is intended to demonstrate to the scuba industry the need to meet and exceed the minimum standards established by the Code of Federal Regulations.

In addition, it is intended to train inspectors in the proper handling, filling, and inspection techniques, including the identification of the various defective conditions that can lead to cylinder rejection or condemnation. The course also covers the operation and repair of valves, cleaning and maintenance and the operation of high-pressure compressor systems.

This course is for those individuals who:

  • Wish to know more about the visual inspection procedures used in the compressed gas industry, not just scuba
  • Wish to know how to properly handle high-pressure cylinders
  • Will be working with high-pressure cylinders as part of their employment

No scuba diving is involved in this course.

To enroll in this course you must be at least 18 years old.